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Retreat of Honor; Advanced Class Stage Combat Intensive

Retreat of Honor; Advanced Class Stage Combat Intensive

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Affair of Honor workshops instruct through the lens of safety first, and guide students towards becoming good communicators and scene partners. Learners build and strengthen stage combat skills while gaining experience working and coordinating with others. 

Owned and operated by Nathania Bernabe and Jackie T. Hanlin certified Actor Combatants with Fight Directors Canada, this fight and movement based theatre company also offers outstanding stage combat workshops.


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Registration fees include instruction, meals, and a choice of available rooms during the four-day retreat at the foot of the Rockies.


Advanced Class is for strengthening certified actor combatant's skills. This is an in-depth look at how Affair of Honor prepares actors for their shows as well as learning drills and movement well suited for preparing for certifications. 

Participation challenges and strengthens artists' stamina, choreography retention, and partner connection. In the large ensemble movement and fight pieces found in our productions, actor connection, synchronicity and spatial awareness is key to the successful execution and safety of all performers involved. 

What we will cover:

  • Functional and Dynamic Movement and Choreography with text inspired by viewpoints and Suzuki
  • Moving as an ensemble while incorporating partner and group lifts
  • Stamina and Strength Training and Foundational Stage Combat Drilling
  • Complicated Skill Building of unarmed and complex weapon work
  • Working fights and explosive movement on structures


- Artists who have completed actor training programs and/or have professional experience.
-And that hold a Basic Certification with AFDC or above.

Dates to be confirmed.

Purchase and/or participation equals explicit acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

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