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Secret Life of English for Established Speakers - BETA VERSION

Secret Life of English for Established Speakers - BETA VERSION

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The author of the perennial best-sellers on language acquisition, JD England, now shares this course, The Secret Life of English, with learners, instructors, and enthusiasts.

The BETA VERSION is now available at a 60% discount.*

The truths about English-language communication revealed in this course liberate you from the tyranny of grammatical rules. This course explains why spoken English is so different from written English, and why English speakers are so hard to understand. Discover secrets about English communication that clear your confusion.

This course ...

  • Reveals secrets about the English language that almost no one, including most English teachers, knows about
  • Explains how to use what you already know to advance communicative competence in English 
  • Includes new ways of approaching grammatical aspects of English
  • Is modestly priced
  • Is informative
  • Puts you in charge of your English language learning
  • Consolidates, builds on, and expands on information from the Secret Life of English for Emerging Speakers
  • Exposes the most complex aspects of English communication in the simplest way

The Secret Life of English highlights fruitful truths in language acquisition to help students overcome the irrational assumption that learning English is "too hard." Linguist JD England describes a whole new dimension to the process of learning English in this course that can change your life.

*Complete version is expected to be incorporated before the end of 2023. there will be a price increase for new customers at that time.

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