"Don't Get Screwed" with Rebecca Burton at TGCPS

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May 12, 2023 at 12:30pm

Congratulations! Your work has been selected! Now, "Don't Get Screwed." This is the title of Friday's  don't-miss presentation by Rebecca Burton.

In her presentation on Friday May 12, “Don’t Get Screwed,” Burton tells us everything we need to know about playwright production contracts. She’ll cut through the mumbo-jumbo to the real meaning of legal-speak and we’ll learn trade secrets: like when to stick to your guns and when it’s in your best interests to be flexible. 

A bit about Rebecca Burton

Born and raised in Toronto, Rebecca Burton was recently celebrated for the decade she has so far served with the Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC). Before assuming her current roles as PGC’s Membership and Contracts Manager and staff liaison for the service provider’s Women’s Caucus activities, Burton led numerous departments and launched a number of PGC projects, including SureFire and PLEDGE. She also co-founded Equity in Theatre (EIT), an intersectional and multi-stakeholder initiative that looked at redressing the underrepresentation of women and other historically marginalized communities in Canadian theatre (2014 – 2017). For these and other activities, Rebecca was the recipient of a Dora Mavor Moore Ancillary Award – the Leonard McHardy and John Harvey (LMJH) Award - for Outstanding Leadership in Administration in Theatre, Dance, and Opera. This formal recognition came in addition to an avalanche of online congratulations and expressions of gratitude from the innumerable Canadian playwrights she has helped over the years.

Burton is also an editor, educator, researcher, and occasional theatre practitioner. She authored the 2006 benchmark report, “Adding It Up: The Status of Women in Canadian Theatre,” and has published various articles in the field. Soon to be released in an anthology on Motherhood and Canadian Theatre is her most recent article, “Bittersweet: Mothering, Playwriting, and the Canadian Theatre Industry in the 21 st Century.” Burton has a BA in theatre and history from the University of Guelph, an MA in theatre history from the University of Victoria, and PhD ABD status from the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies in collaboration with the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. 

Rebecca Burton will be joining Kelly Robinson and Keith Barker in the Feature Roundtable Discussion during the second round. The topic of conversation digs into what audiences want and how we can deliver it to them in part II. 

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