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Glegg Family-Size Game

Glegg Family-Size Game

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What's More Fun Than Golfing with Eggs?

Glegg is a family/community/company game that combines scavenger hunting & observational skills with golf (sort of).

Available for the Glegg Family-Size Game

  • Instructions (Rules, Glossary of Terms & Par chart)*
  • 7 printable & reprint-able, re-usable score cards (2 uni-glegger + 3 double-glegger + 2 triple-glegger)
  • 100 printable & reprint-able, re-usable, unique gleggs to choose from and share with neighbours, friends, colleagues, fellow members, and so on. 


Each player (known as a “glegger”) has an official scorecard with 18 baskets, and each basket has 1 to 3 uniquely decorated gleggs in it. Players (following the route in groups of any size) travel through their neighbourhood looking for “flags” (windows decorated with gleggs). When the group encounters a “green” (a house or building) that has one or more flags, (windows decorated with gleggs) each glegger compares the glegg(s) in their basket on the scorecard with the glegg(s) on the corresponding window. The objective is to find the closest match for each of the gleggs in your basket with the gleggs on the flag.

*Full instructions also available at

Glegg has a lot to offer

  • Orientation
  • Observation
  • Comparison
  • Math
  • Fresh air
  • Exercise
  • Family & friends time
  • Community fun

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