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Secret Life of English - Instructors License, 1st Year

Secret Life of English - Instructors License, 1st Year

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  • No need to change your method of delivery.
    • Online, in-person ... your special blend of the two; you already know the best way to share this linguistic enlightenment.
    • No new apps
    • No new payment systems, pricing ...
  • This course is appropriate for adult, young adult, and secondary school aged learners.
    • Don't fret! We're working on courses for primary and upper primary students that will be ready soon!
  • Canadian Library Publishers puts its clout behind you.
    • From vetting trustable colleagues that can take your classes in case of emergency ... to publishing opportunities, our team works to shine light on your best skills and abilities, and build your career.
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This course ...

  • Reveals secrets about the English language that will surprise you
  • Includes new ways of approaching grammatical aspects of English
  • Is modestly priced for students
  • Is informative
  • Puts learners in charge of your English language learning
  • Helps your students ask better questions

The Secret Life of English highlights fruitful truths in language acquisition to help students overcome the irrational assumption that learning English is "too hard." Linguist JD England describes a whole new dimension to the process of learning English in this course.

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