Stage and Screen Intimacy Workshop

Stage and Screen Intimacy Workshop

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Grande Prairie Live Theatre | May 11, 2023 | 2pm

Some of the topics covered in this groundbreaking workshop include performer rights, audition guidelines, on-set protocols, and consent-based practises for actors.

Intimacy direction is a new career field in stage and film. Those with natural people skills and an interest in the arts are encouraged to investigate this intriguing path.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Acting coaches and agents
  • Dance choreographers, movement coordinators, stunt coordinators, etc
  • Professors, teachers, instructors
  • 1st ADs and stage managers 
  • Child wranglers and parents/guardians of performers
  • Artistic directors, EPs, producers

Principal Intimacy Professionals (PIP) promotes growth within the theatre, television and film industries through the development of new protocols and techniques for scenes of intimacy, simulated sex, and nudity. PIP strives towards brave and compelling performances supported by a safe environment cultivated by mindful professionals.

Purchase and/or participation equals explicit acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.