TGCPS Showcase Extra Spot

TGCPS Showcase Extra Spot

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Do you want to Showcase your play at THE GREAT CANADIAN PLAYWRIGHT SHOWCASE more than once?

Do you have more than one play to Showcase at TGCPS? 

Do you want to Showcase but not register?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, TGCPS Showcase Extra Spot is precisely what you need. Buy a spot and follow the Showcase Survival Guidelines.

Each Showcase Spot includes:

  • 2-minute transition + 3-minute introduction + 10-minute scene
  • Inclusion in the digital and printed programs, schedules, etc.

 NO GST for a limited time only!

This add-on does not include admission to any TGCPS events (other than your scheduled Showcase), meals, performers, or anything else that forms part of any registration package, or that is necessary to fill your Showcase Spot.