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This Canadian Stock Car Driver is a Team in a Man

Chris Wilcox and his '77 T-Bird #13 courtesy of

His car may not be pretty, he may be alone in his pit box, and he may never have as many tires as he'd like, but you can bet on finding driver Chris Wilcox behind everything from the steering wheel to the 'good under the hood.'

A compass-bearing surveyor by trade, Chris Wilcox walked a lot of miles through bog and bush (and played a lot of golf on days off) before taking a left turn with his lifestyle. He was living in Vermillion, Alberta when Eagle's Nest Lounge owner, Greg Maddex, introduced him to the joys of something a wee bit faster: racing. With a feature win in his first season in 2014, a spectacular crash that ended season 2015, and countless hours in the shop ever since, Wilcox never fails to show up with a working car on race day.

Stock car driver Chris Wilcox in his shop, courtesy of

Stock car driver Chris Wilcox in the shop he built working on the tow truck (John Milner) he built to tow the race cars that he builds.

Racing is for Winners

There’s no room for losers in three-eighths of a mile. And while every driver wants to cross the line first, there is a lot more to winning than that. Although each team has its own style and each member is an individual, the racing family is the woven unit that provides each one with what they or the track needs to perform. This is why, when the day-job work is done, you’ll find Wilcox attending to the gravel access roads or beefing up the culverts in the pit at his home track, Hythe Motor Speedway. This family feeling also explains why he celebrates the victories of the junior drivers as if they were his own kids.

Driver Chris Wilcox at his home track, Hythe Motor Speedway, courtesy of '77 Thunderbird, a.k.a., 'Lambchop.' Courtesy of AuntHill.caStock car driver Chris Wilcox with some of his "Favourite Things," courtesy of

Wilcox beefing up the culverts at his home track, Hythe Motor Speedway. Known as 'Lambchop' (Thanks Michelle!), the '77 T-Bird is seen here with a trophy. Wilcox in his Happy Place.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Chris thanks his sponsors Beaverlodge Motor Sports, Tire Craft in Beaverlodge, Meta Live Event Promotion & ProductionCanadian Library Publishers, and Clarence Downey for their generous support. He is grateful for his family, friends, and the diligent local beverage drinkers who donate their empties Every 13th to Car #13 to buy more tires. Racing pumps commercial activity into the local community and it consistently produces advances in mechanical technology and user safety that benefit ordinary drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in big ways, everywhere. So, do your part to save the planet and come around to Hythe Motor Speedway to see Wilcox go around as fast as he can make his horsepower go ... and don’t forget your FanFare!

Chris Wilcox in the Pit Concession at the end of a race day, courtesy of
Wilcox taking it easy in the Pit Concession at the end of a race day. 
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