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Who's too old to have fun? 50&Higher at

Not a Headshop

You'll find the best toking gear for Ladies in the 50 & Higher Shop.

And Aunt Hill is always happy to answer any question, even about homemade cannabutter ...

Cannabutter Step-by-Step
Bigger, Ruder Merch & Dice Improves Your Chances

Dice to Die For

Hats, home decor, and guitar picks with a noir flare flavour this collection. This is also where you find the coolest dice. And other stuff.

Glegg Golfing with Eggs Couldn't Be More Fun at

Wouldn't You Like to be a Glegger© Too?

Glegg© is a group game for family celebrations, neighbourhoods, towns, campuses, and businesses. Thanks to its golf-like scoring system, the difficulty level of this game of observation automatically adjusts to each player's age and skill level.

Brandable, Glegg© is a ridiculously cheap way to entertain a large crowd or promote your business in the community.